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Welcome to CRL Express. We’re a transport company Sydney businesses have come to rely on for a wide range of freight and logistics services. With a young and vibrant team, the CRL Express Sydney branch has garnered a reputation as the leading transport provider, with a solutions-based approach to every job.

Since its inception, CRL Express has specialised in delivering efficient and reliable freight transportation. We have developed an extensive fleet of transport solutions, making us the freight company Sydney businesses turn to first to deliver their goods. As well as nation-wide road freight, we offer linehaul services, 3PL, linehaul services air freight, and contracted logistics across Sydney, NSW, and Australia

Sydney Transport & Logistics Solutions:

Linehaul Services

CRL Express offers a door-to-door delivery service in Adelaide that is reliable, fast, and affordable. We are dedicated to providing our partners with the best possible service and will work hard to ensure that your goods reach customers on time and in perfect condition. We understand that staying on top of your goods is essential, so we offer a convenient online tracking system that allows you to keep track of your package from start to finish.

Transportation Of Dangerous Freight Sydney

CRL Express can safely and reliably transport dangerous goods in, from, or to Sydney. CRL Express started small, but our exposure to such a high volume of goods has enabled us to handle hazardous goods with professional care and reliability. All CRL Express team members are fully certified to comply with all transport regulations.

Bulk Haulage

No matter the size of the cargo, CRL Express is the freight company Sydney needs to get the job done right. Our fleet has expanded rapidly, and we have the resources necessary to transfer larger amounts of cargo from one city to another. Our linehaul services can shift oversized freight Sydney to all major cities around the country.

Bulk DC Timeslot Deliveries

CRL Express knows much our customers value their time. Our extensive storage facilities enable the accurate sorting of goods to ensure they can quickly be delivered within a specified time frame. Our linehaul service runs smoothly and allows us to offer our Sydney-based customers complete flexibility for their deliveries. CRL Express is the freight company Sydney businesses choose to continue operating smoothly.

Multi-drop Capability

CRL Express operate with Australia’s most efficient and comprehensive linehaul network. We have over 400 subcontractors and operators available in Sydney. We use this to accommodate our customer’s delivery requests using different modes of transport if need be.

Online Booking Features

No transport company Sydney-based can operate efficiently if they do not offer online booking and quotes for all their services. CRL Express stays ahead of the curve with our cutting edge online booking platform. Instantly compare air, land, and sea freight prices to ensure you get the best value out of your booking. Simply fill in the online rate request form, and our dedicated staff will contact you with a response as soon as possible.

Accurate Track and trace

CRL National Road Freight’s system is tailor-made to easily track and trace their cargo as it moves across our network. Our secure online system allows you to book, track, trace, calculate costs, and analyse freight details. Manage and monitor your freight from any computer, anytime, anywhere.

Professional Quality Control

Our goal is to provide an uncompromised level of service for our customers. All CRL drivers and operators adhere to Australia’s Heavy Vehicle National Law, “Chain of Responsibility” or COR. Knowing our legal responsibilities to our customers gives you peace of mind that your goods are being handled in a legal way and in a way that will avoid any penalties.

Consolidating Larger Shipments

How many transport companies Sydney-wide will accommodate the manual handling of your shipments for local or Australia-wide transport, even to regional areas? Not many. We can assist in consolidating your shipments to give you the best possible price. This is an excellent logistics solution for small businesses in Sydney.

Pinpoint Delivery

Our door-to-door service will let you dictate where you want your goods delivered, while we take care of the rest. We provide start-to-end logistics services that ensure your products are delivered to your chosen location with all relevant paperwork, especially for interstate freight. For the freight Sydney solutions that you won’t find elsewhere, work with CRL Express.

Why Australians Continue to Rely on CRL Express


We’re committed to providing the perfect solution for every need, developing innovative customer and employee solutions at every time of asking. Our technology is state-of-the-art, assisting us in allocating and managing all systems and bookings.

Continuous Improvement

At CRL Express, we’re constantly looking inwards to analyse our systems and improve processes wherever possible. We’re always looking forward so we can continue to offer the best service in Australia.


CRL Express is a great place to work for all – we respect our customers and employee’s, recognising their dedicated contributions to our team.


The CRL Express team are undeniably experienced and know exactly what’s involved in using taxi trucks to deliver goods within tight timeframes or across long distances. All of our functions are tried and tested – you can count on us in any circumstance.


We’re proud of our long-standing relationships and are faithful and devoted to our service at all times. CRL Express is committed to delivering the best taxi truck service in Australia, year after year.

Cost Efficiency

We use the lowest amount of input possible without sacrificing quality to create the strongest output. Our truck rates are affordable and customised to your needs; you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.


Whatever you need moved, we have a truck available from our fleet to do it. From small general goods to large furniture, we have a truck that can move it. Our team are happy to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Our fleet of trucks can transport goods of all sizes and weights. Our fleet is sure to have a truck that best meets your needs. Contact our Sydney team for more information on your options to get the most accurate quote for the price of your move.

Any business knows that transporting goods of any kind heavily relies on the weight of the shipment. Measuring the cubic weight is the primary consideration when calculating total freight costs. Most logistic companies will formulate the charge based on the cargo’s cubic weight if it is oddly shaped cargo as it may take up more space on the truck than other goods. With CRL’s cubic calculator, this process is simplified for you, so you have a fair idea of costs before transporting them.

Several factors contribute to the prompt delivery of goods across the country. As the transport company Sydney residents rely on, our process is the fastest and most reliable. Factors like interstate freight regulations, distance, shipping mode, route, and season all contribute to changes in schedule, but we are determined to make sure your goods arrive on time. Get in touch with our friendly team for the most accurate estimate of your freight requirements to or from Sydney.

CRL Express is firmly committed to upholding the highest safety obligations for our customers and staff in Sydney and across Australia. Our fleet is constantly maintained to an exemplary standard, and our team are professional and fully certified to conduct their operations within state and federal regulations. We will never compromise the quality of service in transporting your freight to Sydney and beyond. Efficiency, safety, and reliability are our top priorities.

Our warehouse is located at: Warehouse A, 28-54 Percival Road, Smithfield, NSW, 2164.

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You can find CRL Express and our Sydney operations at 490 Victoria Street, Wetherill Park, 2164, NSW. Our Sydney-based warehouse is at Warehouse A, 28-54 Percival Road, Smithfield 2164, NSW.

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