International Air Freight & Sea Freight Services

International Air Freight Sea Freight Services

CRL Express provide leading international freight services for pallets, containers, and all types of cargo that needs to be shipped overseas. Simplified, reliable air freight and diligent, comprehensive sea freight – there’s a reason we’re Australia’s most trusted provider of international freight services.

A locally-owned and operated freight company, CRL Express are dedicated to providing a solutions-based approach to international freight services. Our company has been built on a foundation of customer satisfaction, ensuring that we continue to provide a personalised service as we grow to becoming one of Australia’s most innovative warehousing, logistics, and distribution leaders. It’s this very approach to personalised customer services that has allowed us to amass such a strong reputation across all types of transport, freight, and international shipping.

International Air and Sea Freight Forwarding

CRL Express provides a competitive air freighting service with cargo deliveries to all major cities of Australia. Our logistics team is always on hand to provide you with up-to-date tracking information of your consignments. When you work with us, you’re working with an air freighting expert proficient in:

  • Sales Contract Negotiation
  • Marine and Transit Insurance
  • Airway Document Preperation


Rather than taking you on as just another international freight customer, we do things a little bit differently here at CRL Express. Whether you’re a large international operation, or you’re a local e-comm store looking to ship overseas, we’ll make sure that you’re provided with personalised end-to-end services. We can import and export both air and sea freight, ensuring that your cargo gets where it needs to be, on time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Whether you ship cargo internationally via sea or air, shipping times can vary depending on route, distance, and congestion. Generally speaking, we’ll be able to calculate transit time once the container is on board and confirmed to have departed the original location. However, there can be delays in international freight services due to poor weather conditions, customs clearance, and traffic congestion.

If you’re looking to work with a freight company for your international shipping, get in touch with CRL Express today to talk to one of our team members about time frames.

Here at CRL Express, we offer international freight services via sea and air. Sea freight refers to the shipping of goods between two locations by an ocean carrier. Where air freight refers to the transportation of freight via airplanes.


It is widely accepted that air freight is more expensive than sea freight for international shipments. Generally speaking, you’ll be able to get a higher volume of cargo into a shipping container for a vessel, than air cargo, so you’re likely going to get more bang for your buck with sea freight. It’s important to consider when comparing air vs sea freight that air freight is calculated by the chargeable weights (combination of size and weight), and the charge of containers via sea.


It’s also widely accepted that air freight is undoubtedly faster than sea freight if you’re shipping overseas. Depending on the consignment, international shipping via sea can take about a month, where air cargo can be processed and shipped within a day or two before reaching end destination.


While at CRL Express we strive to provide the most reliable and efficient international freight services, delays can happen. Air freight is less likely to go off schedule, and when it does, it’s rarely a long delay. On the other hand, sea freight has to combat more difficult obstacles like poor weather and congestion, which can cause delays in the schedule.

International freight costs come down to cargo volume, distance, mode of transport, and port and custom requirements. To be honest, it’s difficult to give a precise answer to cost queries without fully understanding your consignment and your business. We understand that you require reliable international shipping services; whether you’re purchasing materials from another country or you’re sending your goods overseas, we’re here to make it happen in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. When you get in touch with CRL Express, we’ll take the time to understand your business model, your goals, and your options for international freight – from there, we’ll provide a solution that meets the unique demands of your business without breaking the budget.


We offer a wide range of services to our Australian customers. Whether you’re operating domestically or internationally, we’re here to help. With experience in all logistic procedures from transportation and storage of freight to the movement of hazardous goods, we can provide end-to-end services or add hock solutions – we’re flexible!

Our Primary Services Include:

  • National Road Freight
  • National Linehaul Services
  • 3PL Warehousing and Distribution
  • Taxi Truck Services
  • Air Freight
  • International Sea Freight
  • Fleet Management


Can’t see what you’re looking for? Get in touch with the CRL Express team today and we’ll let you know how we can help.

If you’re interested in getting started with our international freight services, we’re here to make it as easy as possible. You can contact CRL Express today, and we’ll just need the relevant info of your consignment to get started. This includes the size/volume of your shipment, the weight of your shipment, and any make and models of equipment that may be necessary for us to provide an estimate. From there, we’ll provide a quote and work out how we can provide assistance long-term to meet your international freight needs.


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