National Linehaul Services

CRL offers linehaul services across all major cities throughout Australia including Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Perth Queensland. Linehaul is the movement or transport of cargo between distant places. It works best if you want to ship something between two cities with a large volume of freight.

Our linehaul services are perfect for businesses that need to ship bulk loads or dangerous goods with nationwide coverage. With multi-drop capabilities, CRL can aggregate freight from your customers and dispatch freight on the same load on a regular basis.

We Offer A Variety Of Linehaul Services Depending On Your Shipping Needs. They Include:

Transportation of Dangerous Goods

CRL Express started off as a small linehaul operator in Australia. Over the years, our company has mastered one of the most critical parts of freight transport, the transportation of dangerous and hazardous goods. Transportation of dangerous and hazardous goods follows strict protocols with local transportation laws. We have proficient licensed staff to ensure that we comply with interstate transport regulations to transport your dangerous goods safely.

Bulk Haulage

Our company has established a respectable reputation when it comes to linehaul services in Australia. With CRL, you can transport bulk cargo from one city to another without having to worry. Our modern, well-maintained fleet can transport your goods to any destination across Australia.

Bulk DC Timeslot Deliveries

CRL Express highly values time. Our large storage facilities ensure that your goods are well-sorted to ensure timely delivery.  Our business model is one of the most seamless linehaul transport businesses in Australia that has the most flexible time slot deliveries. Feel free to contact us with your specific requests.

Multi-drop Capability

CRL Express has one of the most efficient and comprehensive linehaul networks in Australia. With over 400 subcontractors and operations in Sydney, we can accommodate deliveries to multiple drop off locations using different modes of transport. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Linehaul is one of the most important parts of the delivery process in Australia. Freight transport is especially crucial in the interstate freight transport industry. Customers can choose between full-load linehaul or door-to-door delivery.

Full-load linehaul is a start-to-end process where CRL Express can pick up your goods from a specific location and deliver them directly to the desired destination. With our wide fleet of air, land, and sea transportation, we can accommodate small or bulk deliveries.

Door-to-door delivery is one of CRL Express’ freight transport services where goods are picked up and delivered to the specified destination. No matter how big or small your goods are, we assure you that we have all the necessary paperwork taken care of.

CRL Linehaul Services in Australia includes Break Bulk Pallets to help clients maximise the delivery services. Bulk goodies that need to be consolidated are not charged for manual handling. Personalise, customise service for CRL Express’ highly valued clients. Contact us so we can discuss your specific needs.

Some goods do not really fit into the standard, traditional cargo sizes. These are considered as “Ugly Freight”. They are usually extremely bulky, extra fragile or urgent. CRL Express tries to innovate all possible solutions to accommodate your freight transport needs. Just give us a call 1300 595 999 to discuss your logistics needs.


CRL Express stays true to its safety and legal obligations when it comes to linehaul services across Australia. Work with us and be assured that our wide range of fleets is efficient, safe and modern. Our highly trained staff and licensed drivers are well-experienced in the linehaul freight transport industry. We will never compromise the quality of service in transporting your goods. Efficiency, safety and reliability are our top priorities. Request for a quote anytime.

CRL Express has a team of specialised staff managing all the paperwork and other technical requirements for linehaul port transport assistance across Australia. This is all part of our dedication and commitment to providing unparalleled service. Speak with our highly trained staff anytime.

At CRL Express, we maximise all our efforts so you can get the best deal in our linehaul delivery services across Australia. Trust that we would always give you cost-effective freight transport rates. Request for a quote now.

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