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Are you looking for the most reliable freight service Brisbane-wide? Your search is over. Since our inception, CRL Express has perfected domestic and international freight solutions to get our customers’ goods where they need to be. Our dynamic and ever-expanding team are determined to provide personalised solutions to the transport logistics demands of our clients. Our goal is to maintain our position as the top freight company Brisbane businesses can depend on.

From humble beginnings as a simple linehaul operation, our network and ambitions have seen CRL Express expand across the country. Our customer-centric approach has seen us adapt our policies to best meet the changing demands of the freight industry and the increasing prominence of online commerce. Our transport services in Brisbane extend to nationwide road freight, other linehaul services, 3PL, air freight planning, and other contracted logistics across Brisbane, QLD, and Australia.

Effective Logistics And Freight Services Brisbane

Door to door Delivery Service

You name the address, and we’ll ensure it gets there. Other courier companies will only move your goods between their own warehouses, often causing considerable inconveniences to your customers. With CRL Express, our network of vehicles of all sizes are used as required to ensure your goods are delivered right to the doorstep of their recipient. We guarantee all the correct paperwork is filed and managed in advance for long-distance and interstate freight, so there are no surprise delays.

Bulk Haulage And Linehaul

Linehaul is where CRL Express cut our teeth. We have been moving large quantities of freight between Australia’s major cities for years, and our experience has made this process for our customers completely hassle-free. Linehaul services are most effective when conducted by the transport company Brisbane businesses need to move large volumes of freight. CRL Express can move all types of goods, and we have become the trusted transport partner for many companies due to the reliable and fast way in which we conduct logistics.

Safe Transport Of Dangerous Goods

If your business operates with hazardous goods or those requiring special licenses to manage, then CRL Express has you covered. The very nature of dangerous goods demands they be transported sensitively – our staff and drivers are experienced with goods of this nature. Our team is fully licensed and certified where necessary to handle dangerous goods safely. Strict protocols legislate transportation of high-risk goods at a state and federal level, and if you need them moved or distributed, know that they are secure with CRL express.

Modernised Booking Portal

Innovative booking management is at the forefront of the CRL Express experience. Our online booking system allows customers to access and compare a variety of shipping options easily. Instantly view pricing and arrival times for sea, air, and land freight options from Brisbane so you can select the best option for your needs. Our mission is to provide you with the best value from your booking. Fill in our online rate request form, and a member of our team will contact you with a response as soon as possible.

Track And Trace To And From Brisbane

Keeping track of your goods is imperative to customer satisfaction and peace of mind. When you entrust your logistics and freight transport with CRL Express, your goods will be completely trackable every step of the way. Our network extends beyond Queensland, with hubs in major cities across Australia. This interconnected system allows us to give you the status of your goods and accurate ETAs and ETDs so you can feel in control. CRL Express is the transport company Brisbane residents turn to for our reliable and precise tracking.

Integrated Multi-drop Capability

Part of Australia’s most efficient and comprehensive linehaul network, CRL Express offers personalised multi-drop capabilities to incorporate our fleet’s vast array of vehicles. Our network includes over 400 subcontractors and operators that work with CRL express to accommodate any requirements for more specific delivery instructions. No matter the size or nature of your product, if you need portions dropped to multiple recipients, we can organise a solution to make it happen.

Bulk Pallet Management

The CRL Express service includes the manual handling of local and regional pallets at no extra cost. Our service can effectively break down and distribute larger loads, even consolidating them to keep your costs budget friendly. Manual handling and management offer an excellent service for smaller businesses and ensures space on delivery vehicles is not wasted. Effective pallet management and breaking down bulk goods is especially important for deliveries into busy metropolitan areas, where loading docks are smaller, and it is impractical to take large cargo.

Certified Quality Control

All CRL drivers and operators are certified by Australia’s National Heavy Vehicle Law. Known in the industry as the “Chain of Responsibility”, or COR, transport businesses need to be aware of and trained under the legislation. It outlines our legal responsibilities on the road and with your goods and gives you peace of mind knowing your logistics are being conducted by the book.

Ugly Freight Solutions

In our years of experience, we have packed and sent goods in almost every shape and size. Other carriers might turn your ugly freight away out of sheer laziness or unwillingness to work out a resolution. We will find a solution to transport your goods no matter how bulky, fragile, or precious it is. Ugly freight will be treated with care and move through our network just as fast as other goods. You shouldn’t have to pay a massively inflated rate for your goods because of their size. Reach a better compromise with CRL Express; it’s part of what makes us the best freight service in Brisbane.

Why Australians Continue to Rely on CRL Express


We’re committed to providing the perfect solution for every need, developing innovative customer and employee solutions at every time of asking. Our technology is state-of-the-art, assisting us in allocating and managing all systems and bookings.

Continuous Improvement

At CRL Express, we’re constantly looking inwards to analyse our systems and improve processes wherever possible. We’re always looking forward so we can continue to offer the best service in Australia.


CRL Express is a great place to work for all – we respect our customers and employee’s, recognising their dedicated contributions to our team.


The CRL Express team are undeniably experienced and know exactly what’s involved in using taxi trucks to deliver goods within tight timeframes or across long distances. All of our functions are tried and tested – you can count on us in any circumstance.


We’re proud of our long-standing relationships and are faithful and devoted to our service at all times. CRL Express is committed to delivering the best taxi truck service in Australia, year after year.

Cost Efficiency

We use the lowest amount of input possible without sacrificing quality to create the strongest output. Our truck rates are affordable and customised to your needs; you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.


Whatever you need moved, we have a truck available from our fleet to do it. From small general goods to large furniture, we have a truck that can move it. Our team are happy to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Our fleet of trucks can transport goods of all sizes and weights. We have access to a diverse and multifunctional fleet capable of carrying all types of goods. If you are unsure about your requirements, contact CRL Express, the top transport company Brisbane, today to get the answers you need.

Measuring the cubic weight is the primary consideration when calculating total freight costs. Most transport companies will offer complicated pricing setups to try and increase their own profits at the expense of their customers. With CRL’s cubic calculator, this process is simplified for you, and we have a fair and reasonable way of determining costs, which you can work out before you ship.

Road freight is a reliable and tested method of transport that is the foundation of our business. CRL Express is the transport company Brisbane business owners trust with efficient goods delivery. However, like anything, road freight is subject to regulations, increased distance, route changes, and season which all can contribute to delays in the schedule. We are committed to ensuring your goods arrive in line with our ETAs. Rest assured that if any delays occur, our team will notify you promptly, and operators will take steps to fix interruptions.

COR is the Australian government’s hands-on approach to ensuring safety throughout all of Australia’s business sectors. This approach leads to extensive regulations for both local and interstate freight, accompanied by appropriate penalties—these regulations help promote responsible and safe operations throughout supply chains for all businesses.

All of the CRL Express team, including management, and staff, have the shared responsibility of complying with CoR laws. Risks need to be managed that might interfere with both sides of the business.

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