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CRL Express is the freight company Perth residents turn to for personal and commercial freight solutions across the country. Dynamic in our approach to logistics, we provide personalised solutions to the meet the wide breadth of needs of our Perth clients. For freight transport, logistics, warehousing, and 3PL services in Perth that you can trust, choose CRL Express.

Coming from humble beginnings, we are determined to keep our position as the premier transport company Perth businesses depend on for seamless, rapid, and customer-centric experiences. The CRL Express team is experienced in everything to do with moving goods from point A to point B. As the transport industry experiences a considerable shift in capabilities, we are proud to maintain our customer-first approach to business, ensuring we’re always implementing the policies that put you first. Our ambition to simplify supply chain networks has seen us expand across the country, with warehouses in all major cities.

How We Help

At CRL Express, we offer a diverse range of services for our clients when it comes to transporting goods. As a freight company Perth-wide, our road freight services include:

National Track And Trace

CRL Expresses’ National Road Freight system is custom-built for our customers to track and trace their cargo easily. Our secure online system allows you to book, track, trace, calculate costs, and analyse freight details, all from the comfort of your own desk. Easily manage and monitor your freight moving with CRL Express from any computer, anytime, anywhere. Simply login to our customer portal and find your personalised shipment page.

Simplified Pallet Management

At CRL Express, we’re the transport company Perth residents turn to for the comprehensive logistics service. We understand there’s more to shipping than just delivery. That’s why we have simplified pallet management to ensure goods can be consolidated onto pallets for distribution in regional areas. Conversely, breaking down pallets is preferred for busier metropolitan deliveries to get goods into smaller loading docks. When it comes to simplifying how your freight company handles goods, you’re in safe hands with CRL.

Cross-platform Delivery Solutions

Our service is not limited to just one mode of transport. Our services incorporate land, air, and sea freight services to ensure your goods travel to their destinations in the most suitable way. Our expansive fleet of transport partners provides a reliable service that has numerous interconnected support networks. Our goal is to minimise delays wherever we can, so if one mode of transport is unavailable, we can use another.

Cross-platform Delivery Solutions

Our service is not limited to just one mode of transport. Our services incorporate land, air, and sea freight services to ensure your goods travel to their destinations in the most suitable way. Our expansive fleet of transport partners provides a reliable service that has numerous interconnected support networks. Our goal is to minimise delays wherever we can, so if one mode of transport is unavailable, we can use another.

Simplified Booking Platform

CRL Express are constantly striving to develop and implement the most innovative and efficient ways to manage your transport needs. That’s why with our online booking and management portal, you can instantly compare air, land, and sea freight prices to send your goods at no additional cost. Through the online portal, you can get individual customer service for your transport needs as well as the ability to request a quote.

Door to door perth services

When you need something delivered, we are committed to getting that directly to where you need it, when you need it. With CRL Express, our commitment to unrivalled customer service drives our start-to-finish logistics service. With interstate freight, all consignments will travel with relevant paperwork. Some transport companies will only move your goods between their own warehouses, leading to considerable hassles for your customers. But with CRL Express, our network of vehicles of all sizes are used, guaranteeing goods are delivered right to the doorstep of their recipient.

Ugly freight specialists

We pack and deliver goods in all shapes and sizes. We are constantly looking for ways to meet the shifting demands of our customers, and that is why we are determined to find a solution to transporting your ugly freight. Bulk, fragile and oddly shaped goods are all safe with CRL Express and will move through our network just as quickly as regular goods. Forget paying a widely disproportionate rate for your goods because of their size. Reach a more beneficial compromise at CRL Express; it’s just another reason why we’re the premier freight service in Perth.

Accurate track and trace multi-drop ability

As part of Australia’s most efficient and complete linehaul network, CRL Express is proud to offer our Perth customers individual multi-drop capabilities that incorporate our fleet’s vehicles. Our fleet includes over 400 subcontractors and operators that work with CRL Express across the country in accommodating any requirements for more specific delivery instructions. No matter the size or type of product you’re looking to transport, if you need sections of the consignment dropped to multiple recipients, we can organise a solution to make it happen.

Dangerous goods movement

Our staff are fully certified and compliant with the handling and transport of hazardous goods. Our drivers and logistics personnel specialise in the safe transportation and handling of high-risk goods. Our warehouses are licensed to store dangerous goods, and our staff are experienced in moving them. If you have any specific transport requirements, we are contactable at 1300 595 999 for any enquiries regarding what you’d like us to transport for you.

Why Australians Continue to Rely on CRL Express


We’re committed to providing the perfect solution for every need, developing innovative customer and employee solutions at every time of asking. Our technology is state-of-the-art, assisting us in allocating and managing all systems and bookings.

Continuous Improvement

At CRL Express, we’re constantly looking inwards to analyse our systems and improve processes wherever possible. We’re always looking forward so we can continue to offer the best service in Australia.


CRL Express is a great place to work for all – we respect our customers and employee’s, recognising their dedicated contributions to our team.


The CRL Express team are undeniably experienced and know exactly what’s involved in using taxi trucks to deliver goods within tight timeframes or across long distances. All of our functions are tried and tested – you can count on us in any circumstance.


We’re proud of our long-standing relationships and are faithful and devoted to our service at all times. CRL Express is committed to delivering the best taxi truck service in Australia, year after year.

Cost Efficiency

We use the lowest amount of input possible without sacrificing quality to create the strongest output. Our truck rates are affordable and customised to your needs; you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.


Whatever you need moved, we have a truck available from our fleet to do it. From small general goods to large furniture, we have a truck that can move it. Our team are happy to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions:

CRL Express is the leading transport and freight company in Perth. Our service is kept at a premium for all our customers, delivering not just goods but a budget-friendly service for businesses in Perth. The CRL Express standard:

  • Strictly employ experienced and qualified drivers and logistics supervisors that have completed Occupational Health & Safety training.
  • Offer personalised freight services in Perth with our fleet of dedicated heavy haulage vehicles suited to every task.
  • CRL Express is an accredited Western Australian transport operator with management and maintenance policies in place that meet state and national standards.
  • Operate with our own business management systems that are routinely audited by a third party.
  • Licenced to carry hazardous goods.

At CRL Express, we are proud of our capabilities to personalise freight and storage packages to meet the needs of all of our customers. Businesses across the country choose CRL Express for their partnered transport, logistics and even storage provider.

Road freight is the most dependable method of transport that is the foundation of our business. CRL Express is the transport company Perth business owners trust with efficient and consistent delivery of goods. However, road freight is subject to seasonal delays, varying distances, and route adjustments, which all can impact changes in the schedule. We are committed to ensuring your goods arrive in line with all ETAs provided and will do our best to accommodate if anything happens. Rest assured that if any delays occur, our team will notify you promptly, and operators will take the required steps to amend the interruption and ensure the service resumes promptly.

CRL Express is more than just a Perth transport company. We offer a range of other services that will help shape the logistics capabilities of your business. These include:

  • 3PL Warehousing & Distribution
  • Fleet Management
  • National Linehaul Services
  • National Road Freight
  • Air Freight International
  • Sea Freight

The CRL Express fleet of trucks incorporates vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Our multifunctional fleet is adaptable to the need to carry goods of all types. If you are unsure about the nature of your goods, or the kind of transport that will be needed, get in contact with CRL Express, the top transport company in Perth, to get the solution you require.

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