Taxi Trucks Perth

Taxi Trucks Perth

Taxi Trucks Perth businesses rely on for safe, versatile, and cost-efficient transportation – that’s the CRL Express difference. Choose from a broad range of vehicles that has been curated by industry professionals that understand exactly what you are looking for when you’re on the move.

The CRL Express Perth Taxi Truck fleet can be used to transport a wide range of goods including bulky inventory, pallets, large furniture, and fragile goods. If it’s big, bulky, or heavy, we’ve got something in our fleet that will make your move easier and more cost effective.

Our customers can choose from crane trucks, vans, taut-liners, tailgate trucks, and heavy haulers. We know that no-two moves are the same, which means that you can choose the vehicle that suits your load and ensures a cost-efficient journey. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our fleet, our Perth Taxi trucks team will work with you to curate a unique solution that ensures the safe transportation of your heavy goods.

When you chose CRL Express Perth, you are choosing a company that understands taxi trucks and knows how to deliver solutions for linehaul transportation, courier services, and logistics that dramatically increase efficiency and reduce your operational expenses.

Book A Taxi Truck In Perth

The CRL Express Perth Taxi truck fleet is available for hire around the clock. Our customers have the freedom to rent a truck for a few hours, days, or you can hold onto the truck for an extended period of weeks or months. Depending on the length of hire, our team will work out the most appropriate truck and the best possible rate. Whether you are racing against a deadline, or a fastidious planner that is booking months in advance, our team will work with you to find the perfect Perth Taxi Trucks solution.

Booking a taxi truck with CRL Express means that you will have peace of mind when it comes to transporting your goods. Our fleet is carefully maintained and serviced to ensure that you are never caught out. Forget dodgy trucks that practically undress themselves when they hit 80km/h, our range of trucks are always up to the task.

Ready to make a move? Leave an online enquiry on this page or request a call back from our friendly team. Alternatively, you can reach us directly on 1300 595 999 and one of our team will talk you through your taxi truck options across Perth and WA

Our Perth Taxi truck Fleet:

The CRL Express fleet can be catered towards your unique moving requirements. From a few hours with a van, to a few months with a Semi Tautliner, our team will find the best solution and get you behind the wheel with less stress and cost to your company. Our team will find the right vehicle and the right hire terms for your company to ensure that you do not have a half-empty vehicle or a full truck.

Some of the vehicles in the fleet include

  • Utes
  • Tautliner
  • Tailgate trucks
  • Tray trucks
  • Vans
  • Crane trucks


From one tonne, to much more – our range of utes can be used to move a wide range of large, bulky, and awkwardly shaped objects. If you’re looking for something that is easy to drive and park – then a ute could be the answer for you. Our range of utes are equipped for moving with steel trays or enclosed trays – whichever makes more sense for your requirements.

Taut Liners

Taut liners provide flexible moving solutions and make packing and unpacking easier than almost any other type of vehicle. Side curtain access means that you can simply open the side of the truck and begin unloading which means more flexibility, and less time-wasted looking for a parking spot that accommodates the rear end of the vehicle.

Tailgate Trucks

From 2 tonnes up to 12 tonnes – we’ve got a range of tailgate liners that can be hired for hours or months at a time. Tailgate trucks provide convenience and flexibility which makes loading and unloading heavy items (such as pallets) easier than most other vehicles in the fleet.

Tray Trucks

Tray trucks or tilt tray trucks are designed to make it easier to transport heavy or oversized loads. In simple terms, if your load is heavy or bulky and challenging to lift from the ground into the back of a traditional tow truck, then a tilt tray truck will provide you with extra mobility and flexibility.


Vans are a great way to move medium sized items such as furniture. Our fleet includes small, medium, and large vans that are suitable for a wide range of applications and purposes. Vans are easy to drive, park, and provide the assurance of cover if the weather turns south while you are hiring.

Crane Trucks

Ideally suited to lifting large freight, the CRL Express range of crane trucks give you the freedom and the confidence to move your item. All of our trucks feature a portable boom crane that can be used with hooks, slings, grabs for bundled materials.

The CRL Difference For Taxi Trucks Perth

Taxi trucks are our business – not a diversion from general car hiring or small vehicle hiring. Because we spend 100% of our time on taxi trucks, you will work directly with industry professionals that understand your unique requirements and can calculate the best solution based on your load and your moving distance.

Since the beginning, our focus has always been on delivering personalised service that makes choosing the right vehicle and the right hire terms easy for your business. We know that there is no ‘one-size-suits-all’ solution, which means that we cater our services to your bespoke requirements.

Customer service is at the core of our business. We are passionate about helping our business partners to find the best possible taxi truck solution for their unique set of requirements.

What We Deliver To Our Customers


Whether you are looking to hire for one day, one week, or months at a time – we can cater your Perth taxi truck rental terms to your requirements. Our team prides itself on providing value-driven solutions to ensure maximum operational efficiency.

Value Driven

Nothing says operational waste like a half empty vehicle on the road. Our team is committed to understanding your requirements and suggesting the most appropriate vehicle. Matching you with the right vehicle means that will not end up in an over or undersized vehicle that compromises your moving ability.


CRL Express is a tech led company that is committed to delivering solutions that evolve with the industry. Our trucks, team, and processes are continually evolving to ensure that we deliver a better experience and maximum value for our partners.


Treat the right, and they will come back time and time again. It’s a motto that has helped CRL Express to cultivate lasting customer relationships and build a fantastic base of regular taxi trucks clients in Perth over the years. We strive to create a mutually beneficial working arrangement that ensures you get the best possible value, vehicles, and service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You can hire a vehicle in Perth for 3-hours, all the way up to a few months at a time. Depending on your requirements, your business, and your situation, our team will work with you to suggest the most cost-effective solution.

The cost of taxi trucks in Perth will depend on the type of vehicle that you hire and the duration of your hire period. We are proud to deliver industry-leading rates and vehicles that can be tailored towards your unique requirements.

To find out how much your next hire will cost, Contact us to discuss your logistics needs with our accommodating staff.

You can measure the cubic weight of your load with our free online  Cubic Calculator.

It depends on the type of vehicle that you are looking to hire. If you are hiring a van, small truck, or ute, then an equivalent car license will suffice. If you are hiring a large truck or hauler, you will need a heavy vehicle licence.

To reach the CRL Express Perth team, fill out the discovery form on this page or call us directly on 1300 595 999.

Alternatively, you can contact us via e-mail at:

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