Taxi Trucks Sydney

Taxi Trucks Sydney

Choose the Taxi Trucks Sydney businesses rely on for versatile, reliable, and cost-efficient inventory transportation. The CRL Express Taxi Truck fleet has been carefully curated by industry professionals to make safe and efficient transportation a breeze.

The CRL Express Taxi Truck fleet can be used to transport inventory including large furniture, bulky inventory, and fragile goods. Our team is committed to taking the headache out of moving inventory making safe transportation simple.

Our customers have the choice of tailgate tricks, crane trucks, vans, taut-liners, and just about any other transportation vehicle that comes to mind. Our fleet has been carefully selected so that we have an applicable for all of your transportation needs. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our fleet, you can speak with the Sydney Taxi Trucks team to find out how we can curate a unique solution to ensure that safe transportation of your goods.

When you think of CRL Express, think of a company that has built a reputation on delivering linehaul transportation, logistics, and courier services that increase efficiency and reduce operational costs. Our industry knowledge and fleet, combined with your business is a winning formula for operational excellence.

Book A Sydney Taxi Truck

Book a Taxi Truck in Sydney with CRL Express to experience the operational efficiency of a company that specialises in linehaul transportation and logistics solutions. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t dabble. Instead, we are proud to deliver specialised solutions that enable our customers to meet any deadline – no matter how close.

Whether you are looking to hire a truck for a few hours, days, or need to hold onto it for a period of weeks or months – our team can cater a specialised solution to your operational requirements. We can categorically say that there is no other Taxi Truck Sydney company that matches CRL for versatility and flexibility.

Working with CRL Express means that you will have peace of mind when it comes to transporting your goods. Peace of mind in knowing that you have a fleet that matches your changing needs, and assurance that our team is in your corner when it counts. Forget finger pointing or difficult working relationships – we are at your beck and call to make the transportation process as smooth as it can be.

Ready to make a move? You can use the discover form on this page to leave an online enquiry or request a call back from our friendly team. Alternatively, if you can reach us directly on 1300 595 999 to talk to one of our team members and book in over the phone today.

Meet The Sydney Taxi Truck Fleet:

Find out how our fleet can be curated to suit your unique transportation requirements. Our vehicles come in a range of different shapes and sizes to ensure that you can access your delivery point and make your journey as efficiently as possible. Don’t run around with a half-empty vehicle or squeeze into something that compromises your inventory – find the perfect vehicle with CRL Express.

Our friendly team will provide expert recommendations based on what you are looking to transport, your access points, and the team that you will be working with. Our vast fleet can be catered towards your delivery time frame or length. At CRL express, our fleet is just as unique as your requirements.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t stress, chat to the Sydney CRL Express team today to find out how we can deliver a Taxi Truck in Sydney to suit your requirements.

Taut Liners

Taut liners are designed to deliver a flexible solution that makes packing and unpacking the vehicle easier than conventional trucks. Curtain side access means that you can open up the side of the truck to begin loading and unloading with ease.

Tailgate Trucks

CRL Express provides tailgate trucks in Sydney between 2 tonnes to 12 tonnes – depending on your requirements. Our tailgate trucks are designed for convenience and to ensure that loading and unloading heavy items (such as pallets) is easy and convenient.

Tray Trucks

Tray trucks are engineered to ensure items do not slide around the back of the truck during transportation and are simple to pack or unpack. As such, tray trucks are ideal for transporting smaller loads and can be folded up when not in use.


Ever wanted a man in a van to help you with your transportation? The CRL express fleet includes a range of vans in different sizes to ensure that your inventory is safe from the elements during transportation.

Crane Trucks

Ideally suited to lifting heavy freight and materials, the CRL Express range of crane trucks feature a portable boom crane that can be used with grabs, hooks, or slings for bundled materials.

Why Choose CRL Express For Sydney Taxi Trucks?


Our diverse fleet and tailored transport solutions mean that you will be assigned to a Sydney Taxi Truck solution for your exact requirements. A diverse fleet and affordable rates mean that you will never overpay and only ever hire exactly what is required to get the job done.


Whether you are moving small for a single day, or you require longer taxi truck rental in Sydney, our fleet and rates are as versatile as you. Our team provides itself on finding the best solution for your needs to ensure your goods are transported with unparalleled safety.


The taxi truck industry is reliably unreliable – that’s where CRL Express sets itself apart from the competition. Our team understands what goes into a move which means that we assign taxi trucks that can deliver goods within tight time frames, across a variety of routes.


At our core, we are a tech led company that is committed to delivering solutions that move with the industry. Our commitment to customer services means that we are continually working with our customers to understand how we can improve and refine our processes to deliver the best possible result.


Treat them right, and they will come back time and time again. It is a motto that has helped CRL Express to grow a loyal customer base in Sydney over the years. We work with our fantastic customers to create long-standing relationships that provide mutually beneficial results for all parties.


At CRL Express, we believe that optimisation is the key to improving our processes and delivering the best Taxi Trucks Sydney has to offer. We are continually refining our processes to deliver industry leading services.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The CRL Express Sydney Depot is located at Warehouse A/28-54 Percival Rd, Smithfield NSW 2164 and is open from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

The best way to contact CRL Express Sydney is to fill out the discovery form on this page or call us directly on 1300 595 999.

Alternatively, you can contact us via e-mail at:

The cost of Taxi Trucks Sydney will depend on the type of vehicle, the duration required, and the distance that you intend to move. We offer industry-leading rates that are tailored towards your unique requirements.

By pricing on a job-by-job basis we can offer lower rates and you ensure that you only pay for what you need, not a predetermined package.

Contact us to discuss your logistics needs with our accommodating staff.

Measuring the cubic weight of your load is easy with our free online  Cubic Calculator

CRL Express has strict safety policies under the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and the Work Health and Safety Act to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all employees and customers. We are committed to promoting safety and delivering the best possible experience for our employees, contractors, and loyal customers.

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