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As businesses grow, managers find themselves with less time to operate their supply chain alongside increasing business responsibilities, impacting their chance to scale. Enter CRL Express; the solution for Melbourne businesses looking to scale up their operations and increase the efficiency of their distribution.

Partnering with CRL Express means that all logistics challenges are solved by outsourcing your warehousing and distribution to our team. Our experienced crew of warehouse supervisors and fulfilment personnel are ready to meet your storage and supply chain needs, big or small.

Taking considerate care of your product from receiving to packing, and then finally to delivery, your goods are in safe hands with CRL Express. What’s more, we’ll ensure that all of your deliveries make it on time, to the right destination. For the inventory management, storage, delivery, and logistics services that you can trust, call in CRL Express.

Our 3PL Warehouse Melbourne Services Include:

CRL Express offers a comprehensive warehousing and distribution service for all of Melbourne customers. Our services include:

Container Unpacking And Packing

Whether you’re receiving an FCL or LCL, we’ll unload your product and seamlessly organise goods within our warehouse. We can receive containers at our Melbourne location, where our efficient team will can have your goods ready for dispatch. For cargo heading in the opposite direction, our team will assist you with packing and loading up containers to get them prepared for overseas or domestics shipment. CRL Express are the vital steppingstone to organising and distributing large volume container cargo. 

Pallet pick-and-pack Services

CRL Express offers pallet pick and pack services that safely collate and loads goods onto pallets for storage and transport. For loads over 70kgs, we always recommend palletising goods for ease of movement and safe storage. Palletising your inventory allows us to store more of it in our warehouse and reduces manual labour efforts and costs. Handling goods is our speciality, and our pick and pack service ensures a standardised and well-organised approach to inventory management.

Storage of all Freight Types

No matter what your service is, or what product you wish to store with us, we have the flexibility and experience to ensure its secure storage. We’ve worked with all types of stock through our warehouse doors throughout our years of operation. In saying that, our stock solutions are fully customised and can be adapted to meet the requirements of your products. Ugly freight, oversized, and hazardous goods can be stored safely under the CRL Express roof.

Highly Secure Warehouse

Our Melbourne warehouse is monitored by state-of-the-art, 24/7 surveillance systems. All doors are fully secured and alarmed, with frequent patrols from guards. Whatever the nature of your products, all warehouse stock is managed with the utmost care – as a 3PL Melbourne customer, you also have the ability to access any details about your goods whenever you need, through our online portal.

Range of shipping options from our warehouse

When it comes to the efficient delivery of your inventory to customers from the warehouse, CRL Express offers a range of shipping options for our Melbourne customers. From our network of truck drivers down to the fleet of contractors we have access to, you can count on us to get your goods delivered to the doorstep of the recipients.

Digital Booking Systems

Warehousing is more than just storing your goods; when it comes time to ship stock, CRL has moved alongside the advances in technology and offers an entirely online booking and quote experience for our customers. Our online portal allows you to easily compare quotes for several carriers by air, land, or sea. You’ll be able to find pricing for our warehousing, packing and distribution services alongside too.

Dedicated Storage and Warehouse Solutions

Our warehouses are fully equipped with dedicated storage racks to store thousands of tonnes worth of products in our 3PL Melbourne location. These racks are easily stacked and loaded via our state of the art high-reach forklifts, and all rows are labelled and designated correctly to ensure your goods are easy to find and be moved when required.

High Reach Electric Forklifts Dedicated Storage

CRL Express wants you to maximise our 3PL Warehouse & Distribution facility. We have a dedicated high reach electric forklift storage to ensure that we can accommodate your goods, stored safely and efficiently in our warehouse. Let us know your storage and warehousing needs.

Give Your business the competitive advantage

With CRL Express, our 3PL warehouse Melbourne customers can instantly expand their operations with our conveniently located warehouses in major cities across Australia. CRL Express operates large scale warehousing nationwide and will transport your inventory between locations as required. Scaling your business with CRL Express puts you ahead of your competitors, and with our seamless supply chain between sites, your goods will move throughout our network with ease. Find our warehouses in Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Operating With Transparency

At CRL Express, we prioritise your business. We operate honestly and give your business the insights it needs to flourish. Our team are dedicated problem-solvers, and we’re determined to tailor a warehousing and distribution service to satisfy the needs of your business. To ensure a healthy partnership between CRL express’s 3PL Warehouse Melbourne and your businesses requirements, we deliver the following reports:

  • Track and trace details across all your stock.
  • Well organised SKU system for detailed inventory reporting and stocktake
  • Live insights into your inventory levels and stock control via our online portal
  • Easy to contact account managers on hand to provide information whenever needed

Frequently Asked Questions:

3PL stands for third-party logistics and is a warehousing and distribution service offered by companies with access to warehouses and a delivery fleet but with no product of their own. 3PL warehousing allows businesses to outsource their supply chain logistics to another company, giving the business the chance to focus on other areas of their operation.

CRL Express 3PL Melbourne involves several services, including:

  • Transportation of goods
  • Packing and Picking
  • Palletising
  • Warehousing
  • Stock management
  • Fulfilment
  • Packaging
  • Freight Unloading

At CRL Express, our goal is to tailor a solution to the requirement of your business. With our vast range of services offered, we can accommodate all business types. As there is no one-size-fits-all pricing structure with CRL Express, it isn’t easy to provide a quote without knowing the needs of your business. The best course of action is to reach out to a member of our team who will provide you with a quote after assessing your logistics requirements

If you are a business owner in Melbourne looking to scale up your business, engaging the warehousing and distribution services of CRL Express is your best chance at growth. Setting up warehousing and a logistics fleet is a costly process, and you will see a sharp increase in overhead costs for your business. CRL Express offers a cost-effective warehousing service that takes the stress out of supply chain management and allows you to focus on the other areas of your business. Partnering with CRL Express will be the best decision for your business.

Our 3PL Melbourne is headquartered at 201 Maidstone Street, Altona VIC 3018. Our national phone number is 1300 595 999.

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