1. Incorporation of the CRL Express Rates and Terms

The rates, charges, surcharges, fees   or   levies   for   the Services and any special conditions as set out in the CRL Express Rates and Terms are incorporated into  these terms and conditions as if it were set out in full. To the extent that there is any inconsistency in these terms and conditions and the CRL Express Rates and Terms the CRL Express Rates and Terms will prevail  to the extent of such  inconsistency.

2. Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern the supply of Services by CRL Express to the Customer and are incorporated into every booking made for the supply of Services by CRL Express to the Customer, unless otherwise agreed in   writing.   Any bookings placed by the Customer constitute   acceptance of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions take priority over and will prevail to the extent   of   any inconsistency   with   any   Application,   the    Customer’s   terms and conditions and any terms and conditions set out in any Transport Document.

3. Not a common carrier

CRL Express is NOT a Common Carrier. CRL Express and will accept not liability as such. CRL Express may refuse the carriage or transport of any class of Goods in its absolute discretion.

4. Request for Services

  • All requests to make a booking for the supply of Services by CRL Express must be submitted to CRL Express in writing by email or via CRL Express’s online All requests for bookings must be submitted with sufficient, executable and reasonable instructions CRL Express is required to follow, including, but limited to:
    • whether tailgate or hand unload is required;
    • the description and particulars of the Goods including how to deal with and/or handle the
  • Any information contained in a quotation provided by CRL Express applies to the specific item, weight and volume of the Goods quoted, designated Services and Standard   or Services and is only valid for 7 days from the date of the
  • CRL Express reserves the right to accept or refuse any requests for bookings for the CRL Express will communicate any non-acceptance.
  • CRL Express will supply the Services at the rates and surcharges as set out in the Rates CRL Express Rates and Terms current at the time a request for booking is
  • The Customer may only cancel bookings on terms that indemnify CRL Express for all claims and costs, losses, penalties, damages  liabilities   and   expenses   which   CRL Express incurs in respect of that

5. Fees

  • CRL Express will issue an invoice setting out the fees payable in respect of its Services to the Customer which will be calculated in accordance with the CRL Express Rates and Terms (as applicable from   time   to time),   then applying  at the time the request for booking is
  • The fees payable by the Customer for the Services may include additional fees, charges and surcharges  for   the supply of Services depending on the nature of the Goods and It may include, but is not limited to, any additional charges in respect of any delay in connection with   the Services which is not directly caused  by CRL Express, Fuel Levy, late payment fees.
  • CRL Express may re-weigh, re-measure or revalue the Goods at any time, and amend its fees payable in respect of the Services at its
  • CRL Express is entitled to retain and be paid all brokerages, commissions,  allowances   and   other   remunerations customarily retained by or paid to shipping and forwarding agents and insurance brokers whether declared or otherwise and no such brokerage, commission or allowance or other remuneration shall be payable or allowable to the
  • All fees are exclusive of GST, unless otherwise indicated and GST is payable in The additional amount is payable at the same time and in the same manner as the first part of the consideration for supply to which the addi tional amount relates.
  • CRL Express reserves the right to amend the rates, charges, surcharges, fees or levies including the Fuel Levy set out in the CRL Express Rates and Terms by giving the Customer 14 days’ notice of such If the Customer continues to request bookings for the Services after receiving 14 days’ notice of those amendments, such conduct will constitute acceptance by the Customer to be bound by CRL Express Rates and Terms, as amended.

1. Payment

  • Credit terms will only be granted following receipt of an acceptable Application, with or without CRL Express may accept or reject the Customer’s Application in its reasonable discretion.
  • If credit terms are granted to the Customer, the Customer must pay for the Services in full within 30 days of receipt of a tax invoice in respect of the Services, unless otherwise agreed or as set out in the The Customer must pay the full invoiced amount without set-off or deduction.
  • If the Customer does not pay the full invoiced amount by its due date, then CRL Express may charge interest on any overdue amounts owing to CRL Express at the rate set out in the then current CRL Express  Rates and Interest will accrue from the   due date of payment until full payment of any outstanding amounts is made to CRL Express.
  • CRL Express may charge   the Customer   any collection fees and charges incurred by CRL Express in respect of any outstanding amounts owing by the
  • Failure to make payment by the due date will also entitle CRL Express, to provide the Customer’s   information   to relevant credit agencies without further notice in accordance with its credit reporting policy crlexpress.com
  • CRL Express may, at any time by notice in writing, suspend or terminate or vary the Customer’s approved credit limit if CRL Express reasonably believes that the Customer’s credit worthiness becomes   If CRL Express suspends or terminates the Customer’s approved   credit   limit,   the balance of the approved credit amount and any amounts incurred but not then billed to the Customer are immediately due and payable by the Customer within 30 days from the date of issue of such invoice.

2. Risk

The risk in the  Goods does not  pass to CRL Express and will remain with the Customer.

3. Performance of the Services

  • The Customer authorises CRL Express to   determine   the means, route and procedure to be followed in the handling, storage, distribution and/or transportation of the
  • The Customer authorises CRL Express to open any package containing Goods, and do any other thing in order to inspect or weigh the
  • The delivery of the Goods is satisfied if CRL Express delivers the Goods to the delivery address as instructed by the Customer and a person at that address provides proof of receipt of such Goods or a delivery docket, except where the Customer instructs that such Goods can be delivered without obtaining a receipt of delivery
  • If a person at the delivery address does not accept the delivery of Goods or the Goods cannot be delivered for any other reasons, the Customer authorises CRL Express to deal with the Goods at CRL Express’s reasonable discretion, including storing, disposing or returning the Goods at the expense of the
  • CRL Express may, acting reasonably,   deem   that   certain Goods are Dangerous CRL Express may, acting reasonably, destroy or otherwise   deal with any Goods   that CRL Express reasonably considers are   Dangerous   Goods without notice or compensation to the Customer.
  • CRL Express will not be responsible for any   damages,   costs or loss incurred in connection with any  delay   in performing the Services or to carry out the instructions

1. Sub-contracting

  • CRL Express may arrange and subcontract out all or any part of the Services provided to the
  • All exclusions of liability under clause 14, extend to all sub- contractors, agents, employees and  any   other   persons engaged by CRL Express to provide all or part   of   the
  • The Customer undertakes that it will not make any claim against or impose any liability upon any   subcontractor, agent, employee and any other persons engaged by CRL Express in connection with the  provision of   the Services or the Goods and will indemnify any subcontractor,  agent, employee and any other persons engaged   by CRL Express from and against any loss incurred by the   such   person, except to the extent that such loss was caused by the negligent act or omission of CRL

2. Lien

  • Upon receipt of the Goods by CRL Express, CRL Express (and its contractors, servants or agents) will have:
    • a special and general lien on the Goods; and
    • a right to sell the Goods whether by public or private sale or auction without notice,

for all and any unpaid amounts owing by the Customer in respect of the Services whatsoever  including any and all debts, charges and expenses or other sums due or which become due at any time by the Customer.

  • CRL Express will retain constructive possession of the Goods and the lien and rights granted by this clause 10 will survive delivery of the CRL express is entitled to retain the proceeds of sale of the Goods in respect of all sums due and owing from the Customer.


  • In this clause, capitalised words and phr ases have the same meaning as in the Personal Property   Securities   Act   2009 (Cth) ( PPSA).
  • CRL Express will be deemed to have custody and possession of the Goods whether the Goods are in the actual physical custody and possession of CRL Express or any CRL Ex press’s subcontractors, servants or The Customer and CRL Express agree that CRL Express has possession of the Goods within the meaning of section 24 of the PPSA, even if the

Goods are in the possession of the subcontractors, servants or agents of CRL Express.

  • The Customer acknowledges and agrees   that   these   terms and conditions constitute a security agreement   for   the purposes of the PPSA and CRL Express may, at   the Customer’s cost, register a Security Interest in the Goods, and all the Customer’s   present  and future rights in  relation to the Goods to secure payment of all amounts due   and owing by the Customer under these terms and
  • CRL Express must not without our prior written   consent, create or attempt to create a Security Interest in re lation to the Goods, other than as set out in this these terms and conditions, provided this   does   not   prevent   the   Customer from entering into a general security agreement with any financier in respect of any financial accommodation   given to the
  • Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended as an agreement that the Security Interest under these terms and conditions, attaches at a later time than the time specified in section 19(2 ) of the PPSA;
  • For the purpose of section 115 of the PPSA, the f ollowing sections of the PPSA do not apply to these terms and conditions: sections 95, 118, 121 (4), 125, 130, 132 (3)(d),

132(4) and 135; and

  • Nothing in these terms and conditions are intended as an agreement to subordinate any Security Interest that the Customer has in any Collateral in favour of any other
  • The Customer irrevocably authorises CRL Express and its agents to:
  • apply for any registration or give any notification, in connection with any Security Interest in relation   to the Goods and/or the Services created under these terms and conditions;
  • complete any blanks in  any   other   document associated   with   these   terms   and    conditions, including any Financing   Statement   or   Financing Change Statement; and
  • do anything else required to obtain registration of the Security Interest created under these terms and conditions, including any requisitions concerning

(i)      The Customer waives its right to receive a copy of the verification statement confirming registration of a financing statement or f inancing change statement relating to the security interest granted under these terms and conditions.

1. Insurance

  • The Customer is responsible for insuring   the   Goods   and must, upon the request of CRL Express, provide evidence of the existence of such
  • On request by the Customer, CRL Express may, in   its absolute discretion, arrange insurance in   respect   of   the
  • Without limiting clause 12 (b), CRL Express will not arrange insurance of the subject Goods unless the Customer provides instructions in writing and a written declaration of   the value of the Goods before the Goods are delivered to or otherwise collected by CRL
  • Any insurances arranged by CRL Express is at the expense of the Customer and CRL Express may charge an administration fee for arranging the
  • CRL Express is not liable for and the Customer releases CRL Express from any liability in respect to   any   insurance arranged for the